Exploring Science Day Sponsored by Plater Production

Exploring Science Day Sponsored by Plater Production

The Exploring Science Day is a full day workshop organised by Lorelly Wilson, owner of Chemistry with Cabbage. The year 5 and 6 classes at Dinting Primary School experience a full day of real hands-on chemistry.

They bring in the equipment and household chemicals for each child to do their own experiments and work with a class all day. The children make indicators, test household chemicals, look at the properties of acids, do reversible and irreversible changes. It covers KS2 materials syllabus, including evaporation, condensation, melting, dissolving, reversible reactions and states of matter.

Plater Production have sponsored the workshop for 3 consecutive years and Richard Sykes, Group Technical Director of the Glossop based company makes sure he is in attendance to oversee the days activities. Richard enthuses, “with over 30 years experience within the chemical industry I believe we should encourage children to enjoy science and make it fun. You never know it may inspire them to become scientists and potential future employees of the Plater Group.”

Head Teacher, Lynn Elliot from Dinting Primary School thanked Richard for Plater Production continued support and said, “the Exploring Science Days are extremely beneficial for the children and valued by the school and the local community. We believe they have contributed to the school maintaining its ”Good” ofsted rating.”

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