Plater Groups’ Sponsored Teams Update

Plater Groups’ Sponsored Teams Update

Plater Group continues to support the local sporting community in Glossop, however since March the teams have been following Covid-19 guidelines, which affects our teams in different ways.

Glossop North End started playing from 1st September and have had mixed fortunes having initially lost their FA Cup match and since had a mixture of results.

The matches are achieving good attendance figures and we wish them all the best for the rest of the season.

Glossop Rugby Club have been unable to start their season and are currently holding regular training sessions. 
The club has been kept busy carrying out groundwork improvements and the clubhouse has been open for food and refreshments.

In April following a premature end to the campaign due to the nationwide lockdown, the club announced that the season had been finalised and the first team had finished second in the North Two West, subsequently promoting them to the North One West, while the second team also clinched promotion from their division, which has been the biggest achievement in their 50 year history.