Building partnerships to strengthen customers’ supply chains

Building partnerships to strengthen customers’ supply chains

Plater Group always aims to develop strong, open and honest partnerships with its clients and is dedicated to efficient supply chain and logistics management. This was reflected recently when a customer shared their concern that they were relying too heavily on one source of Epichlorohydrin (abbreviated EPH) which was supplied by Daltrade. 

The customer concluded that they required a second source to have security of supply and were about to start the long and arduous process of searching for and approving a second manufacturer of this product. 

Daltrade understood the situation and offered to support them in securing a second source using their knowledge of the global market and contacts. The project resulted in the client approving a second manufacturer from whom Daltrade will supply them. Whilst having a longer lead time and higher price than Daltrade’s existing manufacturer, they agreed to factor supply in from them to reduce vulnerability and ensure continuity.

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