Spray Drying

Spray drying is a process to produce a powder directly from atomised droplets of liquid by flash evaporation of the water in a stream of hot air. By careful manipulation of the atomiser speed and its design the particle size can be controlled and varied to meet customer requirements. As the product is drying each particle is surrounded by a protective layer of vapour which means that the temperature of the solid produced is well below the dryer inlet temperature and so many heat sensitive materials can be successfully spray dried. The residence time in the drier is only between 3-40 seconds which also avoids the risk of thermal degradation of the product. 

We currently have 10 commercial scale Spray Driers in operation and this gives us ultimate flexibility to dry whatever the customer requires from small batches of less than 1000 litres up to full bulk tanker loads.

Plater Production is happy to be your partner from the initial product concept all the way to commercialisation. To make this a reality we have a laboratory Spray Drier as well as several smaller pilot plant facilitiesā€˜ to enable taking your product development from the initial laboratory test through the pilot plant phase and on to commercial scale production.