Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate is a white crystalline product, also known as saltpetre or nitre.  We also offer Potassium Nitrate in solution form.

Potassium Nitrate is commonly used:-

  • in agriculture and horticulture, as a fertilizer.  It is a water soluble and virtually chloride free source of nitrogen and potassium nutrients.  Due to its chloride free characteristic many high value crops rely on this source
  • when mixed with Sodium Nitrate becomes a vital storage medium for storing energy in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants, making them very effective in storing heat energy for up to several days which improves their efficiency
  • in anti-freeze products
  • in explosives, as an oxidizer, producing a lilac coloured flame upon burning
  • in hydraulic fluids
  • in washing & cleaning products
  • in cosmetics and personal care products
  • in metal surface treatment products
  • as pH regulators in water treatment 
  • in heat transfer fluids
  • in food preservation to cure and preserve meats
  • in the pharmaceutical industry

Available Options:


  • 25L
  • 200L
  • 220L
  • 1000L IBC
  • 25KG BAGS


  • Technical Grade
  • BP Grade
  • Food Grade


  • 10%
  • 40%