The Fluorochemicals market is continually expanding and the following factors are driving industry growth:

  • growth in urbanisation supported by upgraded living standards leading to rapid adoption of commercial refrigeration systems, including mobile ACs, chillers and domestic cooling systems.
  • increase in installations of industrial chilling installations to maintain industrial equipment which need cold surroundings.
  • cost-effective and energy efficient aluminium production. Stringent environmental policies regarding vehicle emission has led to rise in demand for aluminium to reduce vehicle weight.
  • fluorine polymers are used in blend with other polymers to impart high surface energy, providing water repellency and additional lubricity to the parts and components made from the blends. Additionally, these compounds have application in the electronic industry for semiconductor, screen display and monitors manufacturing.

    Plater Group provides a wide range of fluorochemical products, sourced from leader’s in the field of manufacturing and distribution of inorganic fluorochemicals.

    Fluorides are essential for daily life and are used in the following products and industries: 
  • refrigerants
  • air conditioning
  • special polymers for the chemical industry
  • textile treatment, wool fireproofing, waterproof and breathable fabrics
  • production of aluminium master alloys
  • aluminium grain refining
  • glass etching, polishing and frosting
  • solar cells
  • semiconductors
  • glass tableware
  • nuclear industry
  • lead free gasoline
  • stainless steel
  • self-levelling floors
  • surface treatment for the metal industry
  • production of high performance industrial cleaning chemicals
  • production of concrete hardening accelerators
  • mineral bleaching
  • manufacturing of semiconductor wafers for the electronic industry
  • manufacturing of solar polysilicon, as well as wafers and cells in the PV industry
  • production of dental alginates

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