Liquid Gypsum

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Plater Bio has developed Liquid Gypsum as a soil conditioner that helps soil flocculation, also known as a "soil washing" product.

It aids aggregation, improving workability, drainage and root exploration to support crop establishment.

In this form, it is highly soluble and much more effective than its granular equivalent.

Unlocking Liquid Gypsum’s soil health benefits

Applying gypsum in liquid form could prove beneficial in relieving soil compaction ahead of autumn sowing and can be used to flush out soil pollutants and contaminants

during land remediation.

Liquid Gypsum provides calcium which is needed to flocculate clays, binding smaller particles together along with clusters of sand and silt.

This is one of the most important keys to a healthy soil, providing a favourable structure that promotes air and water movement, biology and increased root development

and is effective deep down into the soil profile without the need to physically work it in.

Gypsum has been used to good effect in agriculture for many years, but applying it in liquid form truly unlocks its many benefits. 

Soil Conditioner

• Use to flocculate degraded soils

• Use to improve the calcium and sulphur nutrition of plants; contains 6% calcium, 
10% sulphur

• Alleviate symptoms of non-optimal soil pH (gypsum should however not be used to 
change soil pH)

• Solution not suspension

• X2000 more reactive than granular/suspension

• Not made from waste gypsum

• Ideal for compacted no-till fields to allow flocculation of the whole top soil horizon

Available Options:


Bottle Bottle Poly Poly Drum Drum IBC IBC




1000L IBC