Magnesium Hydrogen Citrate

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Plater Group is a leading UK producer of Magnesium Hydrogen Citrate, packed in 25kg bags & big bags.

We offer the neutral magnesium citrates trimagnesium dicitrate anhydrous, trimagnesium dicitrate nonahydrate and the acid salts of citric acid, magnesium hydrogen citrate/monomagnesium citrate. 

Plater Group manufactures magnesium citrates for their use as mineral source in food supplements, foods for particular nutritional purposes, and pharmaceutical preparations.

Magnesium citrates are organic mineral sources and are preferred in many applications to inorganic sources because of their superior bioavailability and physiological compatibility.

Magnesium Hydrogen Citrate is mainly used as a pharmaceutical preparation, principally as a physiological saline laxative. Also as a mineral source in food supplements for particular nutritional purposes, supporting bone and muscle function and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Magnesium is easily absorbed by the body therefore plays a vital role in regulating the neuromuscular activity of the heart, converts blood sugar to energy and is necessary for proper calcium and Vitamin C metabolism. 

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