Plater Group is a leading UK supplier of Quebracho packed in 25, 200, 220 & 1000 litres 25kg bags, bulk bags & bulk loads.

We are also a Quebracho distributor, covering the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Quebracho is normally supplied as a powder, additionally we offer this as a solution & as a tannin liquid blend with Mimosa.

Quebracho is a vegetable tannin, coming from the Spanish words quiebra hacha (break the axe because of its hardness) is obtained from the inner red core of a hardwood tree which grows only in a specific part of North Argentina in a limited region close to the border with Brazil and Paraguay.
The features of tannins are unique and inimitable, fortunately. They cannot be replaced by synthetic and not natural tannins during leather manufacturing processes.

Tannins are not used only for tanning industry but also in the following fields:

  • for animal feed
  • in wine industry
  • for wood chipboard
  • for corrugated cardboard
  • as auxiliaries for wastewater treatment
  • for anti-rust and rust converter products
  • as an accessory for drilling oil wells
  • as floating agents in mineral treatment processes
  • Tannin Extracts for Industrial Applications

    When companies have experience and knowledge in the production of vegetable extracts, it is possible to develop a wide range of products suitable for specific industrial applications:
  • Fireproofing wood
  • Industrial lubrication
  • Mining
  • Oil drilling
  • Sewage treatment
  • Textiles

  • Visit our website blog Exploring Mimosa and Quebracho Natural Tannin Extracts for Industrial Applications to find out more information.

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