Sodium Cryolite - Fluxal

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Plater Group is a leading UK supplier of Sodium Cryolite – Fluxal packed in 25kg bags, bulk bags and bulk loads.

We are also a Sodium Cryolite – Fluxal distributor, covering the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Sodium Cryolite – Fluxal formula is Na3AlF6 and is used in the following:

ceramics (flux and opacifying)

manufacturing of aluminium

metal flux

welding flux for aluminium and its alloys

industries of abrasives

fluxing and antirust agent in the light metals industry

agricultural insecticides

secondary aluminium refining

opalescent glass

glass for windows and vessels (it reduces the melting point)

Grade & strength:

>51% F

>22% Na

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