Sodium Nitrite

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Plater Group is a leading UK supplier of Sodium Nitrite, producing and offering the product in 25, 200, 220,1000 Litre, 25kg bag, bulk bags and bulk loads.

We are also a Sodium Nitrite distributor, covering the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Sodium Nitrite is an odourless product or a white or slightly yellow appearance. We offer Sodium Nitrite in both solid and liquid form, to a variety of strengths.
Sodium Nitrite is commonly used:-

  • within the food industry, as most meats are cured using Sodium Nitrite
  • using Sodium Nitrite to cure meats helps to preserve the meat and delay the onset of botulism (a deadly disease that can be borne in spoiled foods)
  • curing meat with Sodium Nitrite can also benefit the flavour of the meat and assist the development of the bright pink shade once cooked
  • within the botanical industry such as fertilisers, as well as herbicides and insecticides. This is because Sodium Nitrite helps to kill off the living organisms that can create a threat to plant life.
  • to form dyes for the colouring of linens
  • in the construction industry; it is used as an additive in the manufacturing of concrete
  • in emulsion paints
  • in the oil industry to prevent corrosion of the heating oil storage tanks, it also helps in the cutting and drilling of oils
  • in hydraulic fluids
  • in lubricants
  • in the Metal Industry; it is used as an accelerator in cold phosphating and it assists in the making of baths and the bluing of steel, also descaling steels and cast iron.
  • an additive for aluminium alloys
  • Sodium Nitrite acts as a corrosion inhibitor for iron, steel and water cooling circuit systems

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