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Manufacturing is based in Glossop, North Derbyshire and supplies the R&D, manufacturing, spray drying, packaging and blending operations of the Plater Group. 

We are Europe’s largest provider of specialist drying services to the chemical industry. With over 30 years of experience in spray drying and other drying techniques, we offer customers many options to their drying problems. These include spray drying, spray cooling, vacuum drying, calcining, liquid blending and powder blending.

We work with clients’ R&D teams across Europe and help them to advance their product development. Our flexible set up and approach means we are able to respond to our customers' needs by providing tailored solutions. We are able support both fast turnaround projects as well as longer-term development processes with our ability to take product development from the initial laboratory testing through a pilot plant phase and into commercial scale production.

Established in 1937, we have an extensive range of speciality tri-valent chromium compounds which we supply to industries worldwide. These are available in both liquid and powder form to suit a wide range of applications including catalyst manufacture, dye manufacture, oil drilling fluids, adhesive preparations, metal treatment and plating.

We also have wide range of speciality metal salts including sodium, potassium and calcium-based products. These are typically used in a wide range of industries such as food, animal feed production, pharmaceutical and general chemicals.

With almost 80 years of experience, we also manufacture a range of de-icers, acetates, formates, propionates, lactates and chrome chemicals.


Glossop Site Map

View our 8 acre interactive site map by simply clicking on the white bordered shapes on the map below to bring our Glossop site to life…come in, look around, get a feel for where we are and our capabilities.
Plater Group Glossop site map
Maintenance Spray Drying Administration Spray Cooling Aerial photo of the site Melting Stations Loading Area Laboratory Warehousing Visitors Entrance Commercial Vehicle Access On-site weighbridge Plater Bio Plater High Purity IBC Storage Calciner Blending


Engineering and maintenance workshop

Plater Group have a small team of highly experienced craftsmen.
This enables us to carry out all planned preventative maintenance, repairs and small project work on site.

Spray Drying

Plater Group has 10 commercial scale spray dryers and 2 pilot scale spray dryers.
We offer a complete service from the lab bench to full scale production.


Plater Group administration office

Glossop is home to the Plater Group accounts department, production services,
quality and health & safety teams.

Spray Cooling

Spray coolers from lab bench to full scale production

Plater Group has 2 commercial scale spray coolers and 2 pilot scale spray coolers.
We offer a complete service from the lab bench to full scale production.

Aerial photo of the site

Aerial photo of Plater Group 8 acre site in Glossop

Our 8 acre site in Glossop employs over 38 people
in production, sales, administration and engineering.

Melting Stations

Melting station on-site facility

Plater Group can offer the facility to melt out products which are solid at room temperature.
We use steam fed melting stations prior to carrying out the spray cooling service.

Loading Area

Loading and unloading facilities

Plater Group can load and unload any vehicle on site,
including loading and unloading containers, both 20' and 40' FCL's.


Fully equipped QC laboratory at Glossop

Plater Group has a fully equipped QC laboratory, staffed by professional chemists, who can
carry out a full range of analytical tests as well as offering ICP and IR spectroscopy.
We also have a Malvern particle size analyser for our spray dried products.


Storage and warehousing facilities

Plater Group have a number of warehouses on site for the storage of raw materials, blends and customers’ finished products. IBCs, drums and packaging materials are also stored on site.

Visitors Entrance

Access to our visitors entrance from High Street West

Our office entrance is between house numbers 230 and 232 High Street West, Glossop, SK13 8ER.
Drive over the small bridge and press the entrance call button.

Commercial Vehicle Access

Plater Group - Glossop Site Commercial Vehicle Entrance

Commercial vehicle access is along Dinting Lane, Glossop SK13 7GA

On-site weighbridge

Glossop on-site weighbridge

Our on-site weighbridge is used to monitor the weight of commercial vehicles and bulk tankers, ensuring they are weighed in and out accurately, to guarantee vehicle safety guidelines are adhered to.
The facility is also a public weighbridge, allowing members of the public to weigh
caravans, motor homes etc. for a small fee.

Plater Bio

Plater Bio - biostimulants for agriculture and horticulture

Plater Bio manufactures a range of novel biostimulants for the agriculture and horticulture industries.
All our products are manufactured exclusively on-site in Glossop.

Plater High Purity

Plater High Purity clean room facility

Plater High Purity offers a wide range of acids and alkalis packed in a range of pack sizes
from 1L to 1000L, utilising our clean room facility.

IBC Storage

IBC storage facility

1000L IBC’s offer a versatile storage option for customers requiring more than drum quantities but unable to take bulk deliveries.


Calcining facility at Glossop

Plater Group provides a Calcining facility on a toll basis and is one of the few companies in Europe to offer this facility.
Calcining is the process of heating a powder to a temperature in excess of 500°C to remove all residual moisture content, or to initiate a high temperature chemical reaction within the solid.


Plater Group blending vessels

Plater Group has a wide range of blending vessels from 20L to 30,000L capacity to allow us to offer the complete service to our customers.
Most vessels are fitted with agitation, heating and cooling facilities.