Discover the advantages of biorational fertilizers

The term ‘biorational’ describes agrochemicals that work in synergy with beneficial organisms. It was initially used to describe a new generation of insecticides that were developed to work alongside biocontrol insects without harming them. Crucially, while biorational products can be used to reduce the environmental impact of farming, and some products are organic, they are not synonymous with organic products.

While biorational pesticides have been in development for over a decade, biorational fertilizers are not as widespread. However, there are many advantages of using a biorational fertilizer. Most importantly they work in synergy with the plant’s microbiome by feeding and/or not killing beneficial microbes. These beneficial microbes will in turn enhance the growth of the crop

Clearly using biorational fertilizers is advisable when growers are applying microbial inoculant products (such as rhizobia and mycorrhizae) but in addition there is hardly any form of growing plants that does not see benefit from beneficial microbes being stimulated, even if it goes on unknowingly to the farmer/grower!

Therefore, using biorational fertilizers and pesticides allow you to have multiple tools working to maximise nutrient and pest management.

Plater Bio have produced a video to explain the concept of bio rationality encompassing fertilizers.

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