Latest Daltrade shipment supporting manufacturers across the UK and Ireland

Three more vessels for Daltrade Chemicals recently arrived at Flixborough Wharf near Scunthorpe, bringing Polish Soda Ash, Calcium Chloride and Sodium Carbonate for our customers in the UK and Ireland. Shipping these chemicals directly from our reputable manufacturers enables us to assure traceability and quality.

The consignments were transported 765 nautical miles from Szczecin in Poland by the Fast Group, who are our partner for these regular, monthly shippings. After the sea-leg of their journey, the chemicals were transported from the dockside to Daltrade’s new storage partner, ‘Humber Maritime’ of Goole whose warehouse is located near to the port and the M62 hub.

Goole is the UK’s most inland port and, since 1629 (when the Dutch civil engineer, Cornelius Vermuyden diverted the River Don at the behest of King Charles 1), it has provided direct access from the North East to/from sea going vessels via the river, canal and road systems. It makes an ideal storage centre for Howden-based Daltrade. This is because the local ports, together with our own established distribution network, means we can supply chemicals direct to our customers across Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Eire. This latest shipment is helping manufacturing companies in many different sectors* including glass, pharma, food, water treatment, fertiliser and food additive industries.

As a distributor for chemical manufacturers in the Ciech group, Daltrade joined the Plater Group in 2010. It means we can also supply these products to our sister company, Lancashire Chemicals which is the group’s manufacturing facility. Here, chemicals can go through liquid and power blending processes to customer requirements within both their R&D and full-scale production facilities.

Daltrade has also received new consignments of Sodium Nitrite with and without ACA, along with our regular imported of Polish Sulphur.


* Glossary:

Soda Ash (Na2CO3) is used by manufacturers of glass, detergent, soap and other industrial products manufacturers.

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) is used by pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers, food and water treatment suppliers plus the manufacture of road treatment and de-icer products.

Sodium Nitrite is most commonly used as a food additive to prevent botulism, but us also used within pharmaceuticals, dyes and pesticides.

Sulphur is used in the manufacture of glass, steel and rubber as well as fertilisers, explosives, cement, animal feed and adhesives.