Why are Plater Bio products different?

Plater Bio’s focus is on innovation and combining this with quality manufacturing. This will ensure that our new products go significantly beyond what is currently on the market and address real needs/gaps in the market. A key product area is centred around manufacturing active ingredients from plants, algae and fungi, rather than crude extracts.

Plater Bio are creating purified, refined, and converted products with specific modes of action and unique properties. These products will be suitable for use in all sectors of agriculture and horticulture, including organic cultivation. Natural active ingredients will combine with synthetic chemistry where appropriate, and where we can achieve potentiating effects.

These products will be necessary as we seek to increase crop yields to facilitate feeding a rapidly increasing global population.  They will limit the environmental damage of conventional fertilisers and pesticides. Natural extracts and biorational compounds achieve this by either augmenting, replacing or reducing the required amounts of conventional agrochemicals.

In addition to manufacturing innovative products (and because Plater Bio has been set up within the Plater Group of companies), additional services can be offered to key partners. These services span the entire fertilizer supply chain; from raw material sourcing, toll manufacturing/processing, through to supplying finished products.

Plater Bio will be working closely with key partnerships involving global distribution in most countries and land-based industries. Such partnerships are key to generating data from research efforts to drive our businesses forward. So, if you find the blog or our product portfolio interesting and would like to explore a potential collaboration please do not hesitate to contact me directly. There is always an open invitation to visit Plater Bio, meet the team, and experience the ‘can do’ attitude.