Protecting the food chain through traceability

As a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals, Plater Group takes the traceability of our products very seriously, especially as many of them are used in animal feeds, food production or on crops that enter the food chain. Examples of these are chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate and calcium formate  that are used in the animal feed industry; sodium propionate and calcium propionate which are organic salt preservatives that prevent mould growing on bread and other baked goods.

Plater Group imports, stores and directly distributes chemicals to our customers as well as to our manufacturing facilities for spray drying, spray cooling, blending, and calcining. This allows us to maintain full traceability of chemicals, from original source, through our shipping, warehousing, transportation and manufacturing processes as well as to their delivery to customers and declaring their end use (especially important when chemicals have multiple uses).

It also enables us to ensure product quality and reduces the risk of damage or cross-contamination. This is because we know from which of our trusted suppliers, in which country (Poland, China etc) a batch has come from, as well as how it has been handled, stored and transported.

Daltrade is UFAS No 753 accredited under the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme for sodium bicarbonate and also registered with East Riding of Yorkshire Council under the Agriculture Act 1970,  the Feed (Hygiene and Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2005 and EC Feed Hygiene Regulation 183/2005. Lancashire Chemicals is a registered feed business with Derbyshire County Council under the EC Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005). All Plater Group’s processes are in line with current legislation and we are audited annually to ISO9001 and ISO14000.

For more information on how our traceability processes can strengthen your supply chain, please contact us on 01283 792600.